Partnering Philosophy

Prasco is built on a history of helping our pharmaceutical partners identify and resolve their unmet needs. That’s a passion we’ll continue now and into the future.

Years ago, where others saw inevitable loss, we saw an innovative solution – an opportunity to extend product lifecycles and provide partners, pharmacists and consumers a preferable alternative to generics. So, we created a new category, and we never looked back. Our passions prevailed, and since 2004 when we launched our first Authorized Generic – Solia with partner Organon – we have helped shepherd more Authorized Generics to market than anyone else in the industry.

It’s a legacy of success that greatly benefits our partners as we move into the future. Through innovative Authorized Generics and brand solutions, we allow pharmaceutical companies to continue providing their high-quality drugs at a generic price to the consuming marketplace.

Our brand solutions and Authorized Generics touch many lives, from pharma companies to pharmacists and patients. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the business, including Pfizer, Lilly, Merck, Wyeth and many more. Our track record of success and diverse options has led to strong partnerships and healthy competition for years, with many more to come.

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Authorized Generics for Pharmaceutical Companies

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