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Prasco Authorized Generics are the Brand™

Did you know you have choices in your generic medications? Choices that are identical to the brand? Ask your pharmacist about Authorized Generics. Prasco Authorized Generics are 100% identical to their brand-name drugs – because they are manufactured by the brand company and simply made available as a generic under private label. The choice has never been so simple.

Authorized Generics are rapidly growing in popularity and preference. That’s because they’re 100% identical to brand-name drugs. In fact, they are the brand name drug, just packaged under the Prasco private label name and available at generic prices.

Prasco Authorized Generics are identical to brand name drugs in every way:


When faced with a generic choice, choose the one that’s 100% identical to the brand. Choose Authorized Generics.

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Access a comprehensive list of Authorized Generics at our sister website or visit the FDA's comprehensive list of Authorized Generic products to discover if your medication is available as an Authorized Generic.