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Authorized Generic Solutions

Authorized Generics – A Solution When Your Brand Faces Generic Competition

The end of a product lifecycle isn’t really the end anymore. It’s the place where new ideas take shape. Through partnership with the leader in Authorized Generics, brands nearing the end of exclusivity can extend life – and revenue streams.

Access a dynamic network of people, relationships and abilities. And tap into the insights and experience of an established market leader in the branded and generic pharmaceutical industries.

The Prasco legacy includes:

What does a partnership with Prasco mean?

  • Access insights and experience of established market leader with unrivaled expertise in both the brand and generic pharmaceutical  industries.
  • A legacy of leadership with a proven track record – and a flexible business model that adapts with our partners’ changing needs.
  • A history of launching more Authorized Generics than any other company.
  • A trusted partner who understands that the solution to the generic dilemma is product lifecycle management, not PIV challenges.

But that’s just the beginning.

Authorized Generics are just one of the many ways Prasco can help you solve your complex business challenges. Learn more about our proven path to successful product lifecycle management that truly transcends the status quo. Learn more about our full suite of brand solutions.



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