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Authorized Generics – the IDENTICAL option patients prefer

With generics representing more than 80%* of all prescriptions today, Brand Pharmaceutical companies absorb substantial loss of revenue as their brand products become replaced with generic market entrants. Prasco addressed this problem – and helped pave the way for brand lifecycle extension through its Authorized Generics program.

*Source: IMS Health, National Sales Perspectives, April 2012, National Prescription Audit, Dec. 2011, Branded generics disaggregrated.

Authorized Generics are an innovative solution – an opportunity to extend product lifecycles and provide partners, pharmacists and patients a preferable alternative to generics. Success in AGs requires a reliable and experienced partner to help navigate challenges and marketplace complexities to ensure ultimate success.

With a history of bringing more AGs to market than anyone in the industry, Prasco has earned a reputation as a highly qualified, most trusted source for lifecycle extension. Why? Because we invest in resources – human and material – that make our company smarter, faster and more imaginative. And because we understand the value of forming close-knit partnerships to solve complex challenges.




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