About Prasco

Prasco® is an independent, innovative healthcare company dedicated to finding and fulfilling unmet needs in the pharmaceutical marketplace. For more than a decade, industry-leading companies have turned to Prasco for our industry insight, specialized expertise, flexible approach, and turnkey solutions customized to fit their needs.

  • Prasco provides new options to patients.
  • Prasco simplifies interactions between pharmacists and consumers.
  • Prasco can Unlimit product lifecycles for brand pharmaceutical companies.

Prasco Authorized Generics

Utilizing our unique expertise in both the branded and generic industries, Prasco’s business model expands opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to optimally extend the lifecycle of select pharmaceutical products faced with current or near-term generic competition through Prasco Authorized Generics. The Leader in Authorized Generics, Prasco has now brought over 40 Authorized Generics to market, more than any other company.  Prasco Authorized Generics, unlike typical generics, are identical to their brand products in size, shape, taste, mouth feel, active and inactive ingredients.

Prasco has partnered with many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies to bring Authorized Generics to market, including Sanofi-Aventis, Merck, GSK, Wyeth/Pfizer, Genzyme, Lilly and Shire.

Prasco Brand Solutions

Prasco Brand Solutions is our suite of service offerings for pharmaceutical companies. Prasco’s team of subject matter experts with both brand and generic pharmaceutical experience understand the challenges pharmaceutical companies face.  Our unwavering commitment and long-term focus to Unlimit® business strategies, provides companies with unique solutions for their challenges.

Corporate Headquarters:

Phone: 513-618-3333
Fax: 513-618-3334
Toll Free: 866-525-0688


Jennifer Zieverink
Director, Marketing & Communications