Our Commitment. Your Opportunity.

Prasco is an independent, innovative healthcare company dedicated of finding and fulfilling unmet needs in the pharmaceutical marketplace. Leading pharmaceutical companies turn to Prasco for our industry insight, specialized expertise and turnkey solutions for bringing high-quality prescription products to market.

Prasco Mission

Our mission is simple: to ensure the availability of the highest-quality prescription drugs regardless of their lifecycle stage.

A Complete Approach to Partnering

A deep understanding of all facets of the pharmaceutical marketplace is the foundation of our corporate capabilities. Our experience is rooted in the rapidly growing number of partnerships based on serving needs in distribution and operations, sales, marketing, licensing and trade representation.

Utilizing our unique expertise in both the branded and generic industries, Prasco’s business model expands opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to optimally extend the lifecycle of select pharmaceutical products faced with current or near-term generic competition through Prasco Authorized Generics.

Together with our partners, we enjoy a common vision of breaking through barriers and unlocking potential. This means high-level performance by creating successful product lifecycle management strategies.

Simply put, we Unlimit our partners by creating new scenarios that improve their bottom lines.