Our Culture
Our Culture

Working together to make a difference

At Prasco, our culture is built upon Christian principles and values, with a corporate vision of reaching the world for Christ. We believe we’re stewards of God’s resources, and that if we reach out to do good, we’ll do well at home, at work and in our community.

Do good, do well

Doing good is about doing right things – things that serve as examples, benefiting others individually and communities as a whole. This is Prasco’s leadership style. Doing well is about doing things right – directing an organization in a responsible and ethical fashion with the confidence that our commitment to serving God first will result in personal, family,  job and corporate satisfaction. We believe that corporate success will reflect in how we as an organization follow God’s lead.


Our corporate values are defined by a simple phrase: I SEE.

I See

  • Improve daily both personally and professionally
  • Serve God, family, customers, partners, fellow employees and global community
  • Execute tasks with excellence to exceed our daily goals
  • Energize others daily with the passion for what we do and believe


Prasco is a community of servants – individuals who share in the belief that giving back to others in need is one of the greatest forms of gratitude and servitude. Prasco’s benevolence committee seeks opportunities for employees to get involved in the community in a multitude of ways, including donation of time, skills, materials, mentorship and financial donations.

Watch us in action

Our people and our passion are our greatest assets, and together they are a tremendous force making an impact that matters. Watch how we’re impacting the community through some of our outreach endeavors.


Curious about what it’s like to work with us? Learn more about our partnership philosophy.

Through the Arington Foundation, we participate in a variety of educational, humanitarian and religious initiatives to support and improve the lives of youth.