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I am interested in pursuing employment at Prasco. How do I apply?

Prasco invites individuals to submit a resume in response to open positions detailed on this website. Please follow the resume submission instructions associated with each posting. Additionally, you may submit your resume as an indication of general interest in employment with Prasco.

What will happen to my resume once it has been submitted?

Once your resume has been received, Human Resources and the appropriate hiring manager will review it. Should your experience not fit the open position for which you applied, you may be considered for other opportunities at Prasco that match your experience level.

I recently submitted my resume to Prasco’s Human Resources email address. What is its status?

You will receive a response sent to the email address indicated on your submission. The response will indicate we have received your resume and any additional information regarding its status.

May I contact someone to discuss career opportunities at Prasco?

Due to the number of general inquiries Prasco receives, the company is not in a position to accommodate individual inquiries. You may research your options by reviewing the career opportunities available on this website.

How often do you update your job openings on this site?

The job openings listed on prasco.com are updated upon approval of a hiring requisition. Typically, positions that have been filled will be removed upon date of hire of an applicant.

May I submit my resume to Prasco?

Yes. Prasco will search the database of resumes that were received in the prior six months and attempt to match them to openings as they occur.

Prasco, as an affirmative action/equal employment opportunity employer, is required to compile statistics on the following information of all applicants. This information will be used to monitor Prasco’s progress on equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. Providing the information requested on this form is strictly voluntary. It is kept confidential and will not be used in any way to evaluate your qualifications for employment.


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